Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions ...

What are the first and last days of school?
Asheboro City Schools Calendars for 2017-2018 School Year -
 in English or en Espanol

When is the next time children are out of school?
This varies throughout the school year; click for the most up-to-date Asheboro City Schools Calendar in English or en Espanol.

How can I get my child to go home a certain way today?
A written note is required for your child to travel home in a way different than their usual one that we have on file in our front office.

How does my child get into the Pre-K program? 
The parents/guardians must submit an application that can be obtained in the front office.

When does my child go to lunch and how can I join them in the cafeteria?
The classroom lunch schedule will show you when your child's class goes to lunch.  All visitors must sign in at the office and obtain a visitor's tag before joining students in the cafeteria.